A beginners guide to SEO

What is a SEO you may be thinking?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimiser. A SEO is the process of maximising the number or visitors a certain website has by ensuring that the website appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Why should you care about SEO?
Everyone searches for anything and everything.  Having a good SEO will put your website at the top of search engineers and have a better ranking.

How to have a good SEO? Here at Web Design Perth we believe using these 3 steps can help!

  1. Have a keyword strategy. Think about the keywords that people may type into search engines when trying to find your company.
  2. Then use these words in a high volume on your website. Try to look for words that have high search volume, low competition or are highly targeted. Also, consider looking for long-tail keywords. Long-tail words are a combination of words that form a longer phrase.
  3. Focus on user experience. Include images that are high quality and engaging. This can help optimise your rankings.
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Reasons your website is not ranked on google

7 reasons why our Perth Web Designers think your site may not be ranking on Google:

  • Your website is not mobile responsive. If your website is not mobile responsive google will rank other competitors website over your, that are mobile responsive.
  • Poor content optimisation. Have you optimised your content for search engines? (SEO)
  • No social media activity. If your website does not have any social media links, it could affect your ranking. A lack of social media is a sign that your website lacks credibility.
  • Poor load speed. Google as well as users expect your website to load quickly. If your website takes too long to load this can make your rank, on google go down.
  • Your site is still new. Google evaluated hundreds of different factors to determine rankings. Once of these is how established your site is.
  • Your site is poorly designed. Trust our Perth Web Designers. If the navigation on your page is too difficult for visitors, to use then they will leave the website quickly and google notices this. Google then assumes visitors are not finding what they are looking for and your website can be pushed down the ranks.
  • Your content is lacking in quality. Most mistake ‘long content’ with ‘high-quality content’.  Make sure to use your targeted keywords, so that you can out rank your competition.

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Misconceptions about Web Designers

There are many misconceptions about web designers that we thought we would take a moment to address them.

  1. Web Design is easy & anyone can do it

Sure, websites can look effortless and simple but each button and feature takes time and effort in decision-making, as well as analysing and a lot of trial and error. There is a lot of work that goes into a website, ensuring it is achieving its business purposes while still having an effective design.

  1. The site is done, so you don’t need us anymore

This is the most common misconception that we hear about and one that concerns us the most. Once a website is up and running, it does not mean the work is done. Websites are the most effective when they are the most relevant, therefore frequent updates to your content and technology is crucial. As well as frequent backups, to ensure that your site is secure. This is why Design Web Perth offers a monthly fee rather than a one-off fixed rate. See the below link for a breakdown of our pricing plans

  1. It costs thousands to have one

This may be true for some web design companies, but not Design Web Perth. We offer great quality websites, for a great price. Read our blog to find out how much you should be paying https://www.designwebperth.com.au/how-much-should-you-pay-for-a-website-in-perth/

  1. Content doesn’t matter

When we discuss content with our clients such as blogging, newsletters and social media, we reiterate how important the quality of your content must be. Firstly, for your customers and secondly for SEO purposes.


Perth Website

Perth Website Slang and Terminology Explained

Are you looking for a new Perth website designer? But have been deterred because of all the confusing language? Design Web Perth makes things simple for our customers.

We thought we’d give a quick little web design tutorial on some of the terms you will hear Perth website developers say.

Backlink: Backlinks are links from other sites back to your own. Using lots of backlinks from high-ranking sites can greatly improve your search engine results.

Bad Neighbourhood: This refers to the server where your site is hosted, if you’re hosted by someone that also hosts spam/scamming pages, you’re in a bad neighbourhood and could be penalised for this.

Below the fold: Below the fold refers to the content below the first viewable point on your webpage (users have to scroll down to see it).

Bounce rate: This is the percentage of people who leave your site, without clicking through any pages. This can indicate a lot of factors, such as your website is too hard to navigate through or simply not interesting enough to stick around.

Breadcrumb: These are the navigation elements that appear at the top of the web page, showing the pages you went through to reach your current destination. Sometimes they can look like this home>category>post.

Cache: These are files that are copied by a web browser, so that next time you visit that site, it loads faster.

Link farm: This is a technique where websites are setup specifically to direct link popularity to another website. There are penalties for doing things like this.

Clutter: This is basically a poorly designed page, with too much information on one page and no use of white space. Have a read of our article on the use and importance of simplicity in Perth website design https://www.designwebperth.com.au/what-is-2018s-biggest-website-trend/

Hero: A hero is an oversized image, this is placed above the fold and is designed to catch your attention. It will generally include a ‘call-to-action’, asking you to sign up or contact now.



When dealing with any industry that’s new to you, it can feel like they are speaking a completely different language. However, the web design field in particular has an unbelievable amount of industry jargon entwined into its daily dialogue.

Design Web Perth’s motto is keeping things simple for our clients, but it is inevitable that every now and then you’re going to hear a confusing phrase.

In case you want to prepare for your meeting with us, brush up on your web design terminology or just to learn something new, Design Web Perth has you covered.

A webpage is a page or collection of pages, on the World Wide Web that contains information targeted to a particular audience. These pages are typically written in scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, ASP, or JSP which your web browser then translates for you.

A website, different to a webpage is the site where content is built on – similar to the land a house is built on. Every website has a unique web address, which can be reached through an internet connection.

Web server
A web server is a program that uses HTTP to serve the files that form web pages, to their users in response to their requests.

Search Engine
Search engines are a type of website that helps users find targeted information online, examples of this are Yahoo, Google, etc. These search engines use the key words you type in and match them with websites that have the same key words.

Domain Name
This is what identifies your site, it is a unique name that serves as an address and allows users to find you.

Plug-ins are what your web designer uses to install new features onto your site, you can look at them like applications that you would find on the app store.

Frontend and backend
These are terms to characterize the different aspects of a site, frontend are the parts that the user sees and interacts with and backend is what does the work but is not seen, such as the database.

If any of this is still confusing or you have any questions at all for us, send an email to admin@designwebperth.com.au


I need a logo design for my website

Do you need a new logo for your website? At Design Web Perth we keep things fun and innovative and can create for you a captivating new logo that’s guaranteed to get you noticed.

On our team we have a graphic designer and marketing consultant, who work together to achieve a custom logo, taking into account your design requirements as well as applying marketing techniques.

Our graphic designer prides herself on creating sleek and stylish, on brand logos and will give you a couple of concepts to choose from. If you would like some examples of our previous work, just ask, we are happy to share.

Whichever service you need whether it be logo design, a new website or anything regarding design and online marketing, Design Web Perth is here to help.

Our pricing plans are very flexible and can incorporate logo design to any of our four planscontact us now for a quote.

The benefit of coming to us is that you will receive a custom design that will be yours forever. We take into account your branding needs and are happy to accommodate updates if required.

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What is a website and how is it different to a blog? Do you need to have both?

Websites are the most important element of the online world with over 1 billion websites on the internet today. To define a website it is a collection of related web pages, they have various functions but mainly to convey a message and provide information to a targeted audience.

There are many different types of websites including a non-editable brochure website, often referred to as a static site, a dynamic website that involves more user engagement and an e-commerce website for the purposes of buying and selling.

Design Web Perth can create all of these types of sites and more contact us now for more information. Have a look at our plans to see the prices involved with the different types.

The main difference from a website is that a blog is made up of a series of chronological posts.

Blogs are a type of website that evolved from online diaries and journals in the mid-90’s, the main purpose being to promote a certain topic and create conversation on it.

Some benefits of blogging include assisting with SEO efforts, helps socialise with like-minded people, opportunity for feedback and it raises awareness.

To ensure optimal success from having a website, we suggest having a website with a blogging function to make sure you’re covering all bases and communicating with your audience in as many ways as possible.

If you would like our assistance in a blog or website, contact us now on admin@designwebperth.com.au or give us a call on 6424 8643


5 Reasons why Design Web Perth uses WordPress

At Design Web Perth, we know that WordPress is the right content management system (CMS) for us, take a look at the following points to decide if it’s a good fit for you.

  1. It’s free!
    WordPress is a cost-effective option as it’s free to sign up.
  1. SEO
    Here at Design Web Perth, we’re big on SEO and so is WordPress. Google likes WordPress sites as they are easy to find by search engines.
  1. Easy to use
    Generally, WordPress’s interface is very simple to use and navigate through. Also, due to having such a large community there are endless resources in terms of tutorials and forums to learn from other users.
  1. Responsive
    WordPress offers and encourages responsive websites
  1. Options
    There are so many options for themes and plugins as well as the ability to customise, the list is endless on what you can achieve with WordPress.

Want to know more about WordPress, read our blog that explains what it is and why it is so popular.



Would you like to know more about WordPress websites in Perth?

Firstly, what is WordPress? To put it simply it is the world’s most popular tool for creating websites and particularly with us at Design Web Perth. It is an online, open source, content management system and is the easiest and most powerful one of today.

According to QuoraWordPress powers roughly 30% of the web, currently used by more than 80 million websites. There are many reasons why WordPress is so popular including its flexible and simple interface, it is free to install and upgrade as well as the thousands of templates and plugins to choose from.

For a while now WordPress has been holding the market share and its popularity only continues to grow. The system is capable of any style, whether that be a simple blog or a full-featured e-commerce website. This means that anyone who needs a website can be a potential WordPress customer. WordPress allows you to collate posts and pages to create the perfect website. Emphasising on sleek layouts, making things simple for everyone, read our blog on the importance of having a simple website here.

WordPress is very popular in Perth web design in fact, at Design web Perth all of the sites that we produce are made using WordPress. Making a great WordPress site comes down to the theme, coding, plugins and the wants and needs of our customers.

To learn more about who we are, what we offer and our process, check out our ‘Who is Design Web Perth’ blog.

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How important are online reviews?

Could having no reviews be as bad as having negative reviews?

Can reviews really make or break a sale?

Design Web Perth believes that referrals and reviews are crucial and something your business should be actively seeking. With 92% of people reading reviews before buying, the statistics speak for themselves.

Online reviews provide social proof, brand credibility and they give you an insight into the opinions of your customers. They also assist in your visibility on search engines. This is because each review increases your authority and relevance and therefore you have a better chance of being ranked higher.

Testimonials or a portfolio can also be useful in reassuring customers, have a look how we incorporate ‘our work’ into our website, this gives our Perth web design customers an idea of the quality of work we produce and shows who we have worked with.

Like many, the web design Perth industry is extremely competitive, so publicly presenting your client base is a great way to showcase your credibility and make your mark.

Something else to consider when looking into the importance of reviews, is that no reviews at all can have a negative impact. When a consumer searches you and finds no information, it automatically distrusts them and they are less likely to buy. It could also tell them that you are a new business, but most buyers aren’t interested in being the guinea pig – so they’ll go somewhere else.

Ask Design Web Perth more about our opinion on online reviews by emailing us at admin@designwebperth.com.au or give us a call on (08) 6424 8643.

Providing outstanding service and having great relationships with your customers, won’t necessarily guarantee you online reviews. You’re going to need to encourage it. Contact usnow and we can have a chat about how to integrate reviews into your Design Web Perth website.

We’ll leave you with a couple of tips to consider

  1. Make it possible, have an easy call-to-action feature for customers to leave a review
  2. Make it mobile friendly
  3. Just ask! Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for an online review
  4. Make sure to follow up and thank them once they’ve left a review
  5. Reward your customers. Maybe incentivize if possible, make it a competition or offer a discount
  6. Reply to the reviews